Anti-Leishmaniasis Natural Products

I come from a small city in Lorraine, France and I obtained my M.Sc. degree from University of Strasbourg. Then, I did my PhD with Prof. Robert Deschenaux at the university of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. working on the synthesis of liquid-crystalline tris-fullerodendrimers and [2]rotaxane. Following completion of my PhD, I joined the EAA group in 2018 as postdoc, where my research involves the synthesis of anti-leishmaniasis natural products. Outside the lab, I enjoy running, mountain walking and going sailing.


Bicyclopentane Methodology

I come from Canberra, the capital city of Australia. I received my Ph.D. from the Australian National University under the guidance of Prof. Martin Banwell where I worked on new methodology for natural product synthesis. After a further year at the ANU as a postdoctoral fellow, I sought warmer climes and moved to the U.K. In the Anderson group, my research is concerned with the development of new methodology to install the bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane ring system into complex molecules.


Virological Chemistry

I was born and raised in a city called Kolkata in India. I obtained my MSc degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pune, following which, I worked as a synthetic/medicinal chemist in different pharmaceutical companies in India for more than four years. To further broaden my knowledge, I moved to Iceland where I obtained my PhD in Chemistry from the University of Iceland under the supervision of Prof. Snorri Th. Sigurdsson. After completion of my PhD, I worked in the same group as a postdoc for about a year. Subsequently, I worked as a Scientist in a biopharmaceutical company in Iceland for about a year before moving to Prof. Edward Anderson’s group at the University of Oxford as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. My work in Prof. Anderson’s group involves development of new methods for investigating structure and dynamics of long RNAs using EPR spectroscopy.



Bicyclopentane Methodology

I come from a small village in Northern Norway, and obtained my BSc and MSc degrees from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In 2017 I received my DPhil in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford, having worked on spin labelling of modified DNA under the supervision of Prof. Ed Anderson. I subsequently worked as a postdoc with Dr Scott Cockroft at the University of Edinburgh, on the modification of protein nanopores and single-molecule physical organic chemistry. Having returned to the EAA group, my current research focuses on accessing functionalised bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane scaffolds. Outside the lab I enjoy singing and exercising.



1st Year (Ynamides & Yndiamides)

I am from Newcastle upon Tyne and completed my MChem at the University of Oxford; in my Part II year I worked for Professor Tim Donohoe on iridium-catalysed reductive functionalisation of pyridinium salts. I am part of the SBM CDT, and having completed a rotation project on rhodium-catalysed cycloisomerisations of ynamide-vinylcyclopropanes, I am now working on a project to explore the regioselective reactivity of yndiamides. Outside of the lab I am very involved with my church and also enjoy hill walking and various sports.


1st Year (Bicyclopentane Methodology)

Originally from Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Ryan has completed his MSci degree in Medicinal Chemistry at Queen's University Belfast. In his final year in the Knipe group, Ryan worked on the catalytic asymmetric synthesis of spirocyclic oxindoles. In the year preceding his final year, he also undertook a one-year industrial placement at GlaxoSmithKline synthesising compounds for the potential treatment of respiratory diseases. His current interests primarily lie in the synthesis of strained rings, and aside from chemistry, he enjoys dancing and many outdoor activities.


1st Year (Anti-Leishmaniasis Natural Products)

I was born and raised in Brasov, Romania, and completed my Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology degree at University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, Republic of Ireland. My final year project involved the synthesis of cyclopentenone prostaglandin analogues and their corresponding Cysteine adducts. Following their synthesis, novel compounds were investigated for their biological activity. I have also worked in Dr. E. McGarrigle’s Lab in the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology, UCD, for which I was awarded an Undergraduate Bursary by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The project I was working on involved probing the reactivity and stereoselectivity in organocatalytic glycosylations. Outside the lab I enjoy baking, ballroom dancing and hiking.


1st Year (Yndiamides)

I was born and raised in Beijing, but I acquired my BSc in Chemistry from City University of Hong Kong. I worked on platinum-based anticancer drugs in Dr. Guangyu Zhu group for my undergraduate final year project. My project now in EAA group aims to explore the stereoselective reactivity of yndiamides. Aside from chemistry, I enjoy cooking and traveling. I am also a fan of traditional Chinese performances, especially crosstalk.


4th Year (Cycloisomerisations)

My name is Kai and I come from a small city in Jiangsu, China. I obtained my MSci degree in 2015, from Imperial College London. During my final year, I worked on developing new carbon nucleophiles in copper-catalyzed reactions. I've now moved to the Anderson group to investigate rhodium-catalyzed cyclization reactions. Outside the lab, I am quite keen on sports & fitness. I like MMA and am doing some courses myself (Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) - but in real life, I am not a violent person at all.


4th Year (Anti-Leishmaniasis Natural Products)

I am originally from Sheffield and completed my MChem degree at the University of Warwick, where I spent my final year working with Dr David Fox on the use of NMR for the stereochemical assignment of isoleucine residues in peptides. During my degree, I also completed a URSS summer project in the group of Professor Mike Shipman on oxetane containing peptidomimetics for drug discovery. I also spent a week at GlaxoSmithKline on their Residential Chemistry Training Experience. My main interests lie in the development of new methods for organic synthesis, and their application to total synthesis and drug discovery. Outside of the lab, I am a health and fitness enthusiast and compete in track and field athletics, so can probably be found in the gym or at the track. Other loves include musical theatre, cooking, and outdoor activities such as camping and hill walking.


4th Year  (Total Synthesis)

I graduated from a double-degree programme with a Diplôme d’ingénieur from the ENSC Rennes and a M.Sc. degree from the Technische Universität Dresden. During my studies, I had the opportunity to broaden my academic knowledge through research projects at BASF and IPF Dresden. Intrigued by the power of organic chemistry, I completed my master’s thesis on the synthesis of clerodane diterpenoids, under the supervision of Professor Peter Metz. My research interests include total synthesis, cascade reactions and organocatalysis. In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, ballroom dancing and playing the guitar. I am also an avid student of foreign languages.


4th Year (Total Synthesis)

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.. I completed two Bachelor of Science degrees from Michigan State University, one in chemistry and the other in biochemistry and molecular biology. During my tenure at Michigan State University, I worked in Prof Babak Borhan’s lab investigating a one-pot synthesis of highly functionalized bicyclic piperidines using the hetero-Diels-Alder reaction, developed diastereoselective halogenated spiroketals, and assisted in creating a halenium affinity scale. I completed my senior thesis under the supervision of Prof Honggao Yan, studying the Michaelis-Menten kinetics of enzymes by using site-directed mutagenesis. Upon graduation, I proceeded to work several years in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry for a couple different companies doing biochemical testing and as a research scientist in analytical development, solid-state chemistry and crystallography. In the Anderson group I am working towards the total synthesis of heronamide F. Outside the lab, I currently am the president of Science Innovation Union, a graduate and post-graduate student led non-profit organisation helping scientist learn to translate their research, and I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, cooking, and like to stay in shape by playing most sports.


3rd Year  (Bicyclopentane Metholodogy)

I am from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, and completed my MChem degree at the University of Oxford. My Part II project, supervised by Prof. Ed Anderson, investigated the design of novel phosphoramidite ligands for asymmetric cycloisomerizations. I have also worked with Prof. John Hartwig at UC Berkeley on palladium-catalysed arylation reactions and with Prof. Scott Miller at Yale University to develop peptide-based catalysts for the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation. When not in the lab, I enjoy traveling, photography and music.


2nd Year (Bicyclopentane Methodology)

I come from a village called Farnham Common in South Bucks, and completed my MChem degree at Exeter College, University of Oxford. My part II project was supervised by Professors  Jeremy Robertson and Luet Wong, working towards the total synthesis of Trigoxyphins K and L using cytochrome P450 enzymes as a tool for late stage functionalisation. I have now joined the Anderson group for my DPhil project, investigating new methodologies to form functionalized bicyclo[1.1.1]-pentanes as a bioisostere for pharmaceuticals. Aside from Chemistry, I enjoy many outdoors activities including skiing, rowing and cycling, and coming home to cup of tea or a pint in the pub.


2nd Year (Bicyclopentane Methodology)

I’m from a small village called Whaley Bridge in the Peak District, and completed my MChem degree at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. I did my Part II project under the supervision of Prof. Ed Anderson, investigating enynamide cycloisomerisations with applications towards the synthesis of Gelsemine. I have now rejoined the group for my DPhil, and I am working on developing new methodologies around bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes – a bioisostere for 1,4-substituted arenes in drug development. Outside the lab I enjoy cooking, American football, horror movies and going to the pub.


2nd Year (Computation and Kinetics)

I'm from the seaside town of Weymouth on the South coast of the UK. I completed my Masters Degree in Ed's group, working on the total synthesis of polyketide natural products. I have also worked with Prof Erick Carreira at ETH Zürich on the application of asymmetric catalysis to total synthesis. My research focuses on the reactivity of small strained rings, under the co-supervision of Prof. Fernanda Duarte. Outside the lab, I enjoy cycling, running, music and cooking.


2nd Year (Total Synthesis)

I completed my BSc at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  After graduation, I spent a year at Solvay, then moved on to the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, A*STAR.  Besides chemistry, I enjoy playing the violin, sewing, and spending time with friends.



2nd Year (Total Synthesis)

I am Yongchen, coming from Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China. I completed my in Chemistry at Nanjing University of Technology in 2018. During my last year of undergraduate study, I worked on the preparation of kaolin/organic intercalated composites and finished my dissertation which was on the preparation of kaolin/organic intercalated composite and its intercalation analysis. Now I am engaged in the research of total synthesis of natural products in the Anderson group. Outside the lab, I am fond of watching films, travelling and especially cooking various Chinese dishes.




Anti-Leishmaniasis Natural Products

I am originally from Arua, a small town in northern Uganda and am currently at Somerville College. My Part II project is on the synthesis of biaryl ether anti-leishmaniasis compounds. I have previously done a summer placement under Prof Barry Potter synthesising novel difluorinated anti-cancer compounds, and did a gap year working at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. Outside of the lab I enjoy going on walks, playing board games and rowing. 


Anti-Leishmaniasis Natural Products



Bicyclopentane Methodology

I am from Singapore, and am currently a student at St Anne’s College. During my earlier schooling years, I spent some time studying methods for water purification, and also did a short stint researching semiconductor polymers, which sparked my interest in organic chemistry. Beyond the lab, I enjoy cooking, calligraphy and running.



Floyd arrived with us in late October 2014 from the Amazon. He astutely supervises the group in all things chemistry, whilst adding a dash of pink to the office area. In his free time Floyd enjoys wading in the Isis and sunning himself on the beach with beers.

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