A repository for Literature Reviews prepared by DPhil students in the EAA group.

Organic Electrochemistry

17th January 2020

Helena Pickford

Nickel-catalysed cross-coupling reactions: Activation of phenolic C–O bonds

23rd March 2018

Felix Urbitsch

Dynamic kinetic resolution

14th December 2017

Kai Ma

Gold catalysis: Applications to natural product synthesis

16th March 2017

Steven Mansfield

Photoredox catalysis

7th December 2016

Dimitri Caputo

Allenes in total synthesis

2nd June 2016

Mujahid Mohammad

Biocatalysis in organic synthesis

12th November 2015

Christian Kuper

BINAP and its derivatives

16th April 2015

Yao Mekareeya

Phosphoramidites in synthesis

4th July 2014

Robert Straker

The Suzuki-Miyaura reaction and boron reagents – Mechanisms, synthesis and application

25th April 2014

Haraldur Gudmundsson

Alkyne labels and reporter groups in bio-orthogonal chemistry

12th December 2013

Marius Haugland

Professor Stephen L. Buchwald - This is your (research) life

21st June 2013

Bobby Brooks

Formation of Z-alkenes using metathesis

22nd March 2013

Bryony Elbert

Recent advances in enantioselective crotylations with non-toxic chiral reagents

14th December 2012

Shermin Goh

 Asymmetric enyne cycloisomerisations

8th June 2012

Ross Walker

Combined amino/metal catalysis

16th December 2011

Rebecca Greenaway

Oxidation of unactivated and isolated C–H bonds

10th June 2011

Liz Rayment

Alkenyl silanes

10th December 2010

Diane Lim

Silicon tethers in metal-mediated reactions

20th November 2009

Sonia Bracegirdle

Protonated chiral organocatalysts

22nd May 2009

David Daniels

Synthesis of abyssomicin C

23rd January 2009

Marie-Caroline Cordonnier

N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

14th December 2018

Edmond Toma

Asymmetric Radical Reactions

12th July 2019

Marie Wong

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